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General booking conditions :
For any booking of a motorcycle and a driver, we recommend that you book in advance via email or post. We will confirm our availabilities and request an advance payment for your first membership trip.
• General conditions of sales :
URBANDRIVE guarantees a quality service with motorcycle taxis exclusively driven by our skilled drivers. You will be billed in half-hour slots. Insurance, fuel and driver’s fee are included in our rates. Any waiting time or additional mileage not included in our quote will be added to your bill.
• Subscription :
A subscription entitles you to use a volume defined at the time of signature without a time limit long if every 6 months you do use a taxi-moto on this account. If this is not the case the client after being warned by email will see his account balance to zero.
• General cancellation conditions for memberships :

Bookings must be cancelled via email. If the client does not show up at the arranged time and fails to contact us, the driver will wait for15 minutes before considering the booking cancelled. The client will be billed the full fee.
• P.-S.
Our terms expressively stipulate that delays due to unforeseeable traffic problems (traffic jams, accidents, weather conditions, alternate routing etc) do not entitle the client to any compensation.

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